Jet Ski of Toms River man found six years after Sandy

It's been a long and hard road for many people whose homes were damaged and destroyed by Superstorm Sandy, but one Toms River man received a huge surprise last week, and it served as the perfect ending to his long road back.
Superstorm Sandy hit Doug Derrigno’s home on Pelican Island in Toms River in 2012, destroying it and washing his Jet Ski away to parts unknown.
“Everything was washed away and all I had was traces of everything and nothing left of my Jet Skis,” says Ferrigno. “I even had them tied down.”
In April, Ferrigno got back into his house and last week, six years after the storm, he got a phone call.
His Jet Ski had been found.
Ferrigno's wave runner had washed up on someone else's property, six miles north in Brick Township.
But when the homeowner called in the registration number, one of the sevens was reported as a one.
So it went unclaimed and presumed lost for six years, sitting on the property of another homeowner during his six-year rebuilding process.
“It's a miracle,” says Ferrigno. “I just couldn't believe that after all the devastation that everybody went through, not just my house, but there were thousands of people that had no housing whatever to get this back and in pretty good shape.”
Ferrigno says he has not met the homeowner who unwittingly baby-sat his Jet Ski those six years, but they apparently had no interest in riding it.
The key was right in the ignition the whole time.