Jersey Shore residents fear potential flooding as heavy rain rolls in Friday

Towns near Barnegat Bay in Ocean County are fearing more flooding as yet another storm rolls in on Friday.
In the Chadwick Beach and Ocean Beach sections of Toms River, between the ocean and Barnegat Bay, flooding continues on Route 35 and around the many homes as well.
“I’ve been here seven years. I mean this is the worst I’ve seen in seven years, so, is it getting worse? I don’t know if it’s a full moon or high tides. I don’t know why it flooded like this, but it’s up there, came over the bulkhead,” said Thomas Spain, who drove down following the nor'easter earlier this week from his year-round home in Yonkers to check on the vacation home he is building in Toms River.
“You have to prepare and know that this area here a day or two after the storm. I have photos of this place totally flooded with blue skies,” said Pat O'Shea who has lived in the Ocean Beach section for three decades.
O'Shea, like her neighbors who often need waders just to get to their homes in the floodwaters, is always preparing for the worse. She also believes that flooding has progressively gotten worse over the years.
Flooding has been a concern in the area since Superstorm Sandy impacted the area back in 2012, which since has seen homes elevated.