Jersey Shore beaches to grow thanks to $20M federally funded project

Beaches in Northern Monmouth County are about to grow as part of a federally funded replenishment project.
Rep. Frank Pallone, of Long Branch, helped secure money from the federal government to cover the $20 million cost of the project.
Sand will be pumped on the shores from Pier Village to Seven Presidents Park and then in Monmouth Beach to the Sea Bridge border beginning Oct. 1.
Pallone says it costs less money to replenish beaches than to make repeated repairs to damaged boardwalks and infrastructure. He says a bigger beach is just a positive outcome of the efforts.
"There's a strict cost benefit analysis and if it doesn't meet that, the Army Corps of Engineers won't do the project," Pellone says. "I can't stop stressing that because everyone thinks 'Oh you're replenishing the beaches so people can sit on them and swim, but it's not the basis why it's done.'"
The beaches are expected to be fully replenished in the area by November if the weather stays stable. Once the project is complete, the beaches will not need any further sand for about six years.