Jersey Proud: Poppyseed Project facilitates bagel donations for NJ food pantries

The idea came from Ridgewood’s Linda Bradley. About 20,000 pounds of bagels were collected last year.

News 12 Staff

Mar 13, 2024, 2:34 AM

Updated 38 days ago


Many bagel shops are now donating their unsold product to a “Jersey Proud” cause.
The Poppyseed Project takes unsold bagels from and brings them to food pantries. The idea came from Ridgewood’s Linda Bradley. She started signing up bagel shops to donate whatever was left at the end of the day.
It includes places like Ridgewood’s Hot Bagels, Waldwick’s Bagel Brothers, Goldberg’s in Wyckoff and The Bagel Basket in Elmwood Park. There are over a dozen places in all.
Last year the Poppyseed Project collected 20,000 pounds of bagels to the Table To Table charity. They supply food pantries all over northern New Jersey.

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