‘Jersey Pizza Boys’ spearhead effort to help feed the hungry

Two young brothers known for their skills tossing pizza dough are spearheading an effort with their father to feed the hungry on National Pizza Day.
Jersey Pizza Boys” Nicholas Testa, 11, and Michael Testa, 13, are known for viral videos of them spinning pizza dough at their father’s Jersey City pizzeria, Carmine’s Pizza Factory. The videos have been seen by millions and led to appearances in Las Vegas and national late-night talk shows.
But now the boys and their father are working on an effort to help feed those who are less fortunate.
Carmine Testa says that the project started off small with him and his sons donating a few pizza pies to New York City homeless people in an effort called “Slice Out Hunger.”
“I make pizza for a living. It's what I do. So how can I really make a difference?” Carmine asks.  “Well, I make pizza. So I can feed people.”
The Testas took their project national with help from “Slice,” a smartphone app and mobile platform that connects users with 8,000 mom-and-pop pizzerias nationwide. “Pizza Across America” seeks to get pizzerias to each deliver 10 pizzas to local soup kitchens or food shelters.
The original goal for the year was to partner with 50 pizzerias. They have already passed 250.
“No one ever put the idea together to really organize independent pizza owners to say ’Hey man, let's do this,’” Carmine says.
There are 26 New Jersey pizzerias each donating pizzas to local soup kitchens as part of the program. A list of participating pizzerias can be found at SliceOutHunger.org.