Jersey History: Moorestown library home to Flexible Flyer sled museum

It has been a great month for sledding in New Jersey following several snowstorms. This is especially true for the few people who are still riding the old wooden Flexible Flyer sleds.
Flexible Fliers were invented in New Jersey and there is even a museum dedicated to them.
News 12 New Jersey’s Brian Donohue took an 80-year-old Flexible Flyer and flew down Stoles Hill in Moorestown. The hill sits across the street from the old home of Samuel Leeds Allen, the inventor of the Flexible Flyer. Allen is believed to have tested the sleds on Stoles Hill.
Phil Snow – yes, that’s his real last name – has a collection of Flexible Flyers that are on display at the Flexible Flyer Sled Museum at the Moorestown Public Library. The museum opened five years ago after Moorestown rebuilt its municipal building and library.
“And the space was available at the same time my wife wanted me to get all of my sleds that I collected over the past 30 years out of the house,” Snow says.
There are 26 sleds on display, from the 36-inch Firefly model built between 1890 and 1900 and sold for $2, to the giant Model No. 6 that is more than 8 feet long.
“It’s designed for six people,” Snow says.
There is also the Flexy Racer, a sled with wheels sold from 1932-1968 when Leeds sought to expand the market into snowless regions of the United States.
“The old sleds are still good,” Snow says. “People can ride a 100-year-old sled.”
The library and museum are currently open with limited capacity.