Jersey City task force cracks down on negligent landlords

Jersey City officials are getting tough on landlords who do not maintain their properties or address their tenants’ needs.
The monthly Quality of Life Task Force kicked off Friday. The initiative is aimed at improving the quality of life in the city, while cracking down on negligent landlords.
News 12 New Jersey was given a special look at how the task force operates. Inspectors were at a multifamily home on Palisades Avenue and found that it was infested with rodents, did not have working smoke detectors, a weak staircase and buckling infrastructure – terrible conditions for the Section 8 residents who lived there.
“The landlord doesn’t take an interest. The landlord just shows up for the rent,” says Chief Jersey City Prosecutor Jacob Hudnut.
Hudnut says that when the landlords are located, they will be forced to make the necessary repairs and clean up their properties. If they do not adhere, they will be taken to court.
"We're going to start making it hurt for landowners and landlords who don't take care of their properties,” says Hudnut, adding “We're not messing around.”
The task force is made up of multiple city departments including, police, fire, OEM and public safety.