Jersey City schools announce plan for in-person learning for some students on April 29

The Jersey City School District has announced that some students will be returning to in-person learning by the end of the month.
Superintendent Franklin Walker says that students in pre-K through third grade will begin in-person learning on April 29.
“The schools will group students into groups. The all-remote group, a group A and a group B. During their in-person week, students will attend classes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday will continue as a remote day for everyone to enhance our cleaning at the schools,” Walker said in a letter to parents.
The superintendent added that the schools will provide parents and guardians with the schedules for the students.
"The tentative return date for fourth to eighth grade is May 10, and grades 9-12 may return on May 10," Walker said in the letter.
The decision comes after an intense backlash when the district announced earlier this week that virtual schooling would continue until September. More than 400 teachers and other staff had requested accommodation to work remotely through the school year.
All of these requests were denied, causing some teachers to refuse to show up.
At his COVID-19 briefing Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Phil Murphy expressed displeasure at the decision.
“I was disappointed in the Jersey City development. It’s very hard to say otherwise. I know Mayor [Steve] Fulop was and has done a lot to try and push that into the right direction. I hope that the combination of good, smart public health habits…vaccinations…..warmer weather….that would allow a decision like that to be reconsidered,” Murphy said.
Fulop previously called the decision to remain virtual an “absolute failure in leadership and planning.”
Jersey City is the second-largest school district in New Jersey.