Jersey City residents enjoy the snow day as temperatures drop

Friday’s snowstorm is now over, but bitter cold temperatures have arrived.
The snow was cleared away from most Jersey City streets by Friday evening, a relief for anyone who drives and parks in the city.
Other than some snow on the ground, it was a relatively normal day for those who live in Jersey City. People were out walking their dogs or getting some shopping done.
Betsy Biglin and her 2-year-old son Jacob had a chance to enjoy the day out in the snow.
“It’s been beautiful to start the day. It was gorgeous this morning. Not too slippery, that light powdery snow was good for a snowball fight,” Biglin says.
Jersey City fared better than other areas of the Garden State, with only a few inches of snow. The clear streets meant that car owners did not have a lot of work to do to get in and out of parking spots.
Businesses like Balkans Barbershop opened on Friday without delay and only had one cancelation.
“Everyone is pretty much local, so they get here because we are booked out two or three weeks. So they have to make it on time,” says Eric Deljanin.
But the colder temperatures meant that people were not dining outdoors, something that is normally a popular activity in Jersey City.
Gusty winds were making conditions feel much colder outside, so anyone who does venture outdoors is urged to bundle up.