Jersey City residents call for Councilwoman Amy DeGise to resign

Several Jersey City residents called for Councilwoman Amy DeGise to resign at a council meeting on Wednesday - a month after her viral hit-and-run.
Almost all of the residents speaking out said they want her out.
"It's about accountability,” said one resident. "It's about what it means to have good government."
DeGise​ allegedly hit a bicyclist in July and left him there, waiting hours to report it. She got summonses for the alleged hit-and-run.
DeGise is the daughter of the Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise. He told News 12 that his daughter should have stopped. But he says people are trying to bury her before the case is resolved.
Neither Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop or Gov. Phil Murphy has called on DeGise to resign. Only two members of the council have.
“I don't think she has the trust of the public right," said Jersey City Councilman James Solomon. "She's going to pass laws that raise taxes that send people to jail that effect their life and they're going to look and say to you have to follow the same rules that I do."
After the hit-and-run, another video emerged of DeGise trying to name drop to police ​in Hoboken to avoid her car being towed. Some residents said she is emblematic of a politically corrupt county.
"That video was jarring, and it was hard to watch,” added another resident.
Public Safety Director James Shea, who was running security at the meeting, said there was a heavy police presence because of threats made against DeGise and the potential for conflict.