Jersey City food company creates healthy pandemic meals for New Jerseyans

A Jersey City company is looking to provide New Jersey residents with healthy food options during the pandemic.
“We are focused – because of the COVID-19 – in creating all meals to bolster your immune system,” says Alejandro Fuenmayor, owner of Cavany Foods.
Cavany Foods offers a seasonal, health-conscious spread of freshly prepared meals that have room for customization.
“Even if you don’t like onions, we took the onion from the recipe. Even if you’re allergic to nuts, we took nuts from the recipe. So, each customer has their own folder, they have their own preference and their own menu for them,” Fuenmayor says.
The company works with local farmers and offers food that falls into keto and gluten-free diets.
Cavany Foods started by selling food at farmers' markets and then took the next step.
“We created an app. Now customers can order a coffee, even a meal, even a meal plan,” Fuenmayor says. “And we deliver to their home.”
The company has also created a brick-and-mortar location at 235 Grand St. in Jersey City where people will be able to come and get their meals.
“With a storefront, we can offer more of our product,” Fuenmayor says. “We can make it like a meal kit.”
The storefront is expected to open at the end of the year.