Jackson teen saves sister from fox that attacked three people over the weekend

An Ocean County teenager is being hailed as a hero for saving his 4-year-old sister from a fox that attacked three people over the weekend.
Matthew Nielsen showed no fear when he heard his sister Lillith screaming as a fox attacked her in the family’s front yard.
“So a fox came and just darted right at her and bit her in the leg. So I grabbed it and punched it off of her, slammed it and don’t remember then, honestly,” says Nielsen.
Mother Talia says that she is so proud of her son.
“I was scared in the moment for sure and I’m unbelievably proud of my son. He acted quicker than I could even get out of the house,” she says.
Nielsen and his mother were eventually able to trap the fox in a clothes hamper.
“While I was beating it, apparently [my mom] came over and just like put this [hamper] down and I sat on that and that was that,” Nielsen says.
The fox left some bite and scratch marks on the girl’s leg, but she is otherwise OK. Authorities say that the fox also attacked another 4-year-old girl and an adult man. Both suffered some minor injuries.
Police say that anyone who sees an animal acting strangely, especially during the day, should call them immediately and do not approach the animal.
The fox died following the fight with Nielsen. Rabies tests on the animal are still pending. But all three victims were given rabies shots just in case.