High school students protest classmates’ controversial photo

A photo of some Jackson Liberty High School students wearing T-shirts that include a racially charged word has sparked controversy within the school district.
The image in question, which was posted to social media, was taken after the high school’s seniors gathered for a class photo at the high school.
Some students and parents said they were offended by the image and school leaders’ response. A group of students on Monday locked arms in protest, demanding the administration take action against the students who posed in the picture.
Parents who spoke with News 12 New Jersey said they also feel that there should be discipline.
“We need some type of response of from the administration,” parent Emanuewell Clay said. “We need it addressed that the decisions that you make have repercussions that can really affect others.”
The principal of Jackson Liberty High School responded to parents in a letter, stating that the students who took the picture meant no disrespect and that conversations would follow about how actions and how words can be perceived and have consequences.
The text of the full letter is below: