Investors: What's next after Wall Street roller coaster?

Tuesday?s roller coaster on Wall Street left New Jersey investors wondering ?what?s next??
Fueled by fears of a global recession, the Dow dropped 465 points after the opening bell. It bounced back after a major interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve. However, it still closed down 128 points Tuesday afternoon.
Some experts say the Fed?s announcement of a three-quarter-point cut in the rate it charges banks for overnight loans is just what the economy needs. However, others say the rate cut is a little too late.
Experts say the cut could spur interest rate reductions for credit cards and auto loans. Some even say it may have an impact on the depressed housing market by lowering mortgage rates.
Some investors and traders are fearing a recession. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is expected to trim the interest rate another half-percent when it meets at the end of January.