Investigators believe neglected dog was in basement since February

Investigators believe that a dog that was left to die in a basement in Paterson was there for much longer than originally thought. 
News 12 reported earlier this month that the owner of a pit bull left the animal chained up and abandoned in the basement of a Paterson building. Animal control officers say that they found the frightened, emaciated dog near death. They say that the dog had sores and cuts all over its feet and belly.
Investigators originally believe the dog, now named Phoenix, was in the basement for month. They now think she was there since February. 
After weeks of treatment, Phoenix has been making strides. 
"The fact that she lived the amount of time she lived without food or water is a miracle in itself,” says Frannie Laurita, of Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge. 
She says the dog is slowly overcoming her fear of humans. 
“She's getting there. That's a miracle," says Laurita. 
A 1-year-old pit bull usually weighs about 40 pounds. Phoenix was just 20 pounds when she was discovered. She has since put on 5 pounds, and has a ways to go. 
After her wounds heal, she will be placed in a foster home and, in time, be up for adoption 
"Someone threw this dog away like garbage. She showed the world that she's not," says Laurita. 
Oradell Animal Hospital in Paramus has been paying for all of her medical expenses. 
Since the story aired last month, Paterson Animal Control investigators have since identified Phoenix's owners and are trying to track them down.