Injured cat may have been hurt by firecracker or chemical

A cat that was found injured in Newark may have been hurt by a firecracker or chemicals, according to veterinarians.
The cat, named Julius, was discovered in Newark on South Eighth Street between 15th and 16th avenues on July 7. He was crying in pain with a severe infection, according to Pat Andrews Webb, who runs Miss Pat's Cats Rescue.
“His jaw was all mangled. His teeth were all disfigured in his mouth,” says Webb.
But veterinarian Isabel Perez says that he is a fighter and is expected to recover.
“So, whatever trauma this is, it was pretty severe,” she says.
Perez says that the nature of his injuries and it being so close to the Fourth of July, leads her to speculate that the cat's injuries were caused by fireworks.
“There are some burn marks in his mouth,” Perez says.
An esophageal tube was inserted in Julius and he receives fluids through an IV. He is being cared for by the animal group All Creatures Great and Small Animal Hospital. Volunteers say that he is friendly, which may indicate that he was someone's pet at one time.
Vet bills are expected to costs several thousand dollars. Donations are being accepted to help out.