Increase your chances of landing your dream job with this resume tool

This master class bundle will help you with your resume and interview skills.

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Mar 17, 2021, 9:50 PM

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Increase your chances of landing your dream job with this resume tool
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Times are tough when it comes to finding a job right now. You must've applied to ten positions so far and still haven't heard back from any company. Is it you, your interviewing skills, or your resume? Fortunately, The 2021 Complete Resume Builder Master Class Bundle will help you revamp your resume so you can impress recruiters and potential employers and finally land an interview where you can perform with confidence.
This master class has all the tools you'll need to succeed in the entire job search process. This bundle's first product provides you with 100 resume and cover letter templates to get you started. Each template is completely editable so that you can enter your whole job history, skills, education, certificates, and other important information.
The second product is an AI-powered resume builder called Rezi. This intuitive software helps make your resume more "hirable", so you can get that much-awaited interview request and schedule a meeting. Rezi's real-time content analysis system identifies common content errors like missing metrics and tells you which keywords to incorporate into your resume to make it stand out and relevant to your desired job. Once finished, Rezi automatically checks your resume across 23 criteria points.
If the thought of interviewing makes your heart race, this master class will help you quell those jitters so you can interview better. This course, taught by instructor, Chris Haroun, includes 160 lectures that teach you how to add structure to your answers and use frameworks that the interviewer will appreciate and understand. You'll also learn how to think like the interviewer, which will increase your chances of getting hired, among many other skills, to help you succeed. Chris also teaches the final course in this master class to create a stellar resume and a LinkedIn profile. You'll learn about SEO practices and how to publish high-quality articles on LinkedIn, among many other tips and tricks.
Valued at over $3,000, you can get this master class bundle for only $39.99. It's time you finally landed that job you've always wanted; let this bundle help you get there faster.
Prices subject to change.

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