If you suspect gas price gouging at the pump, here’s how to report it.

Gas prices nationwide are at a record high.
Experts say there are a few reasons for the high prices. One is demand. People are traveling and commuting to work again.
The other is the war in Ukraine. The day that Russia launched its invasion the price of oil went up to $100 per barrel - the highest in seven years. Now, prices are surging past $120 a barrel as buyers shun Russian crude, with many refiners fearing that sanctions could be imposed in the future. They worry about being left with oil they couldn't resell as gasoline if sanctions were imposed in the near future.
As prices rise, tri-state attorney generals are warning consumers about price gouging at the pump.
In New York, Attorney General Letitia James launched a new rulemaking process that she plans to use to implement new price gouging rules.
And in Connecticut, State Attorney General William Tong told Connecticut residents to be on the lookout for gasoline price gouging, and said he has increased authority to punish those taking part.
If you think a gas station is overcharging, report it! You can file a complaint with your state. Below are the links to their forms:
If the gas station is in New York City, you can file a complaint HERE.
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