ICYMI: Real-life JAWS moment caught on camera off coast of New Jersey

A real-life JAWS moment was all caught on camera as a group of surprised fishermen sees a great white shark making itself known off 30 miles offshore at the Manasquan Inlet. 

The friends were on the boat Monday named Big Nuts Required II.
According to Jeff Crilly, the owner of the boat, the shark was about 16-feet long.
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The group were shark fishing using the chum bag, and in the video, the shark can be seen snatching the bag right off the side of the boat.
The video this morning was the talk at the docks up the street in Manasquan, where the daily fishing boats head out.
A long-time captain says while the video is spectacular, seeing a great white shark off our beaches actually isn't as rare as you'd think.

“It's a pretty cool video for those guys, a once in a lifetime event,” says David Riback, captain of the Queen Mary. “It is something that happens for people who fish all the time.”
Capt. Riback says the shark was likely migrating.
Although they are still considered a vulnerable species, the population of great whites are on the rise – and can be found throughout the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.