Ice fishermen take to Lake Hopatcong as temps drop

As New Jersey entered its eighth day of below-freezing temperatures, several New Jersey fishermen made their way to Lake Hopatcong to ice fish.
News 12 New Jersey’s Brian Donohue went out to the lake to see who was brave enough to weather the cold temperatures. He soon found two groups of ice fishermen from Siberia and Poland.
“The weather is good. Only windy,” said one of the fishermen.
The fishermen said that this was one of the only times that Lake Hopatcong was frozen solid enough to ice fish in three years.
“I feel very comfortable,” said fisherman Leon Gitelmaker as he showed off his layers.
The fishermen also showed Donohue a tent that they use while ice fishing.
“You get cover from the wind,” said Lyndhurst resident Jack Dziduck.
Temperatures are expected to remain below freezing in New Jersey for at least a week, with record-breaking lows expected this weekend.
Anyone interested in ice fishing on Lake Hopatcong can visit Dow’s Boat Rental. The business has all the equipment needed. The docks are open seven days a week as long as the ice is thick enough.