‘I want to go back to school in person’: Young students in Jersey City School District return to classroom

Some students in Jersey City, New Jersey's second largest school district, began learning in classrooms again this morning, including at Rafael De J Cordero Elementary school.
Students from pre-K to third grade made the return after four attempts to reopen the city's schools.
"I want to go back to school in person. I don't want to go in remote anymore,” said first grader Gabriel.
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The city describes it as positive moment as students earn their right to an in-person education.
“The kids academically can catch up. It is the social interaction and having a teacher is important, being able to see your teacher - so yeah, it was hard with your parents, being both the parent and the teacher,” said parent Leslie Sperber.
It comes after the city attempted four times to return to in person learning. Originally on April 18, the city announced schools would stay learning remotely, but that was not received well by the community. So, on the April 21, they announced the reopening. As a parent of two young children, Mayor Steven Fulop understands. 
"I speak to a lot of parents, and I really feel for them with the hardships that they've been going through in the last year,” says Fulop.
It's only a four-hour school day for now because students are not allowed to eat in the building, but qualifying students still receive a grab-and-go free lunch. 
The school PTA is still working to ensure transparency from the city and teachers union on how reopening will look in the fall. The way things work out now will give a good idea of that. 
Grades 4-12 will be back in the classrooms May 10.