'I think there is a real increase in the cases': Experts discuss if rise in virus cases is due to increased testing

New COVID-19 cases and deaths saw double-digit increases in the past week in the U.S.
Newly confirmed infections per day are rising in 47 states. Is that dramatic rise in the U.S. COVID-19 cases because of increased testing?
"I think there is a real increase in the cases that we're seeing. I think it has to do with people spending more time together, with restaurants opening and things like that. Because if you look at the test results as a percentage of those being tested it's still going up," says Dr. Dwayne Breining, the executive director of Northwell Health Labs.
News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen was joined by Dr. Dwayne Breining and Dr. Bruce Farber this morning on The New Normal show. Click on the video below to see the full show.