‘I think everyone took it seriously’: Trenton statehouse stays quiet despite FBI warnings about possible protests

It was a quiet Sunday at the statehouse in Trenton as rumored protests at state capitols around the U.S. never materialized in New Jersey.    
Police, community leaders and many others spent the last week or so preparing for possible protests, as the FBI warned of possible assaults on all state capitols nationwide, but for most of the day there was more media outside than protesters or police.
The day started off with state troopers working to secure the statehouse and Department of Corrections officers preparing for the possibility of armed protesters. State Street near the statehouse was shut down and blocked by salt spreaders.
"I think everyone took it seriously and so we are really grateful for law-enforcement for really going extra mile for making sure the statehouse not only was protected but the streets of Trenton as well," says Mayor Reed Gusciora.
At one point, a small group of pro-Trump protesters stopped by, but a protest never took shape and for most of the day, it was like a quiet typical Sunday in Trenton.
Mailboxes in and around the state capital are temporarily out of service until Monday, Jan. 25.