Hundreds of NJ students participate in climate change protest

Hundreds of New Jersey high school students joined tens of thousands of students from around the world to participate in a “youth climate strike” to really for the future of the environment.
The students walked out of class Friday and joined others in protest for what they say are decades of inaction by global leaders to combat climate change.
Organizers of the protest say the goal is to get world leaders to “acknowledge, prioritize” and “properly address our climate crisis.” They say that they are also striking for the Green New Deal, for a fair and just transition to a 100 percent renewable economy, and for ending the creation of additional fossil fuel infrastructure.
“We are focusing on issues that really don't need to be focused on like war, trade wars, things like that instead of looking to our youth to address an issue that hasn't been addressed and should be addressed,” says Princeton High School student Martin Mastnak.
Some climate specialists say while they are encouraged by the actions and enthusiasm of the students, but that climate change is far more complex than what they're being told.
"What I would say to those kids is, look it's great that you want to get involved, it's great that you want to study atmospheric science and I fully support you going to do that, but this issue is far more complicated than just what you might be told," says meteorologist Steven Dimartino with NYNJPA Weather.
The movement all began with a 16-year-old Swedish girl named Greta Thunberg, who since August, has skipped school every Friday and protested outside Parliament.