Humane Society wants cockfighting crackdown

With cockfighting becoming a growing concern for many in the region, authorities say they're stepping up prosecution of fight organizers, but animal rights activists say it isn't enough.
Authorities told News 12 The Bronx during the station's four-month investigation that fight organizers often glue razors on to the legs of roosters and pump them full of adrenaline to increase the violence.
The spectators, organizers and owners of cockfighting rings came to the attention of Brooklyn district attorney Charles Hynes not only for what they do, but what they could do in the future.
"It's not even a far leap, if you're abusing animals, to think you'll abuse people," Hynes says.
Hynes says he established a department working specifically to prosecute cockfighting crimes. But, the Humane Society says current New York state laws are deficient because only fight organizers can be charged. They say the spectators, who finance, cheer and provide the market, only receive a violation ticket.
There are two bills in the state Assembly that would work to crack down on cockfighting. The Humane Society also has a standing $5,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest of someone involved in cockfighting.