HS basketball coach diagnosed with cancer leads team to school title

Morristown-Beard High School basketball coach Eddie Franz was diagnosed with lung cancer, but he hasn’t let that stop him from coaching his team.
Franz, 61, hasn’t missed a game yet and led the team to a prep school title Wednesday night.
“I decided I would just keep doing what I do which I was told is the right thing to do when you get something like this because,” Franz says. “For at least 90 minutes, and for some days more than 90, you don't think about cancer."
Franz’s treatment includes two pills at lunch and targeted therapy. It is a rare drug trial that uses his brain to fix genetic mutations that cause cancer.
“You don’t get cures for lung cancer,” he says. “You just try to keep living.”
Franz coached his team to a championship title in triple overtime.
The coach says that he likes talking about his health and health care because he thinks it could help others going through cancer as well.