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How to make fresh mozzarella at home

News 12 New Jersey learns to make fresh mozzarella with Agostino Fresh Mozz Co.

Kimberly Bukowiec and Lanette Espy

Jul 17, 2023, 10:20 AM

Updated 342 days ago


Looking for a fun and innovative way to spend time with your family or friends ? How about a pizza party where you can make fresh mozzarella right at home.
Agostino Fresh Mozz Co., a family business started by two brothers-in-law's, specializes in making homemade fresh mozzarella. They distribute throughout the East Coast, from Maine to Florida, and travel for gatherings at home, weddings or just a plain old pizza party.
Anthony Agostino and Giacomo Cunsolo, co-owners of Agostino Fresh Mozz Co., visited News 12 New Jersey Monday to show how to make fresh mozzarella at home.
"We come to the house, we bring the whole setup, we make the fresh mozzarella with your family and friends," Agostino said.
Visit Agostino Fresh Mozz Co.'s Instagram page.
Watch below to learn more about Agostino Fresh Mozz Co. and what they offer.

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