Horrific bus crash tests responders, equipment

The horrific crash that killed two people and injured dozens of others on Thursday set off a massive emergency response that put first-responder training and equipment to the test.
A student and a teacher were killed when a school bus on a field trip collided with a dump truck on I-80. More than 40 others were injured.
News 12 New Jersey has confirmed that the 10-year-old girl who lost her life in the crash was Miranda Vargas. A GoFundMe campaign set up for her family had already exceeded its $20,000 goal by thousands of dollars Friday night. The teacher was Jennifer Williamson Kennedy.
"I don't know that you can ever prepare to see what many people saw yesterday," says Jeff Paul, Morris County's director of Emergency Medical Services.
The response to the crash was coordinated from a command center, and a specially equipped ambulance, which Paul calls an "ambulance on steroids," was used to provide immediate care.
Also on scene was a mass care truck that's stocked with enough medical supplies to treat 50 patients.
For responders who train for all types of scenarios, the tragic crash marked what Paul calls a "worst day."
He says that so many responders and off-duty medical professionals turned out to help that there was one responder tending to each injured person.