Holmdel man receives mail-in ballot envelope that was missing ballot

Unusual ballot issues continue to pop up in New Jersey as Election Day nears. This time a Holmdel man says that his mail-in ballot was not inside the envelope that was delivered to his home.
“We got the ballot probably like a week ago…and we opened it up, and I’m looking through it and I’m like, ‘Everything is here, but there’s no ballot,’” says Enda Keegan.
Keegan says that his wife did not get ballots either. Just instructions and a return envelope. Keegan became an American citizen three years ago and says that he was looking forward to voting in his first presidential election. He says it was a bit of a letdown but that he understood mistakes happen.
“I don’t think anyone did this intentionally. There’s just so much going on,” he says.
Keegan did as he was instructed and called the Board of Elections in Freehold, and his issue was resolved. He was told that he would get a new ballot within two or three days.
“I think it’s important that people just open these up. We have 22 days before the election, the more time they have, they can get it resolved and get it fixed,” Keegan says.
The Monmouth County clerk tells News 12 New Jersey that mailing ballots is a massive undertaking and that some mistakes do happen. The county has mailed 450,000 ballots to voters already, and all the envelopes are stuffed by hand.
This is just one of several issues seen with New Jersey’s mostly-by-mail election. Some voters have received duplicate ballots, some received ballots with maiden names and other families are dealing with getting ballots for deceased family members.
Anyone who has a problem with their ballots should contact their country clerk or board of elections.