New website allows New Jersey voters to register to vote, track mail-in ballots

New Jersey is making it easier for state residents to cast their votes in the upcoming presidential election.
A new website will allow New Jerseyans to register online to vote and also track their mail-in ballots.
Voters will need either a driver’s license, state ID or social security number. Go to the state’s website and click on the tab that says, “Register to Vote.” Those who are already registered can confirm their status.
Once a ballot is mailed in, the voter will be able to track when it is received by a county clerk.
Gov. Phil Murphy says that this will make a big difference for voters.
“That’s the question we get all the time, ‘How do I know my vote gets there? How do I know my ballot gets there? How do I know it’ll be counted?’ It turns out you can know that,” Murphy said.
The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, Oct. 13.
New Jersey’s election will be mostly done by mail. But there will be a select number of polling locations on Nov. 3 where voters can vote in person using a provisional ballot.