Holiday Express entertains students at Collier School

New Jersey-based musical act Holiday Express brought holiday cheer to students at the Collier School in Morganville Wednesday.
Holiday Express is a popular nonprofit band and charity based out of Tinton Falls.
“Quite honestly I thought the kids would hate us,” says founder Tim McLoone. “We’re as corny as can be. We’re the corniest act in America.”
”One of the kids started screaming, ‘Are you with Holiday Express?’ So the word is out,” says Sister Debbie Drago with Collier Youth Services.
Students who attend Collier School have various emotional and mental challenges that don't always work in a public school environment. The students were able to participate in the event and sing along with the band.
“You get a true sense that every kid in this school supports each other because they all come from the same difficult place,” McLoone says.
Holiday Express is expected to play about 100 gigs this holiday season. More information about their shows can be found at the Holiday Express website.