Hoboken residents continue to fight against NY Waterway dry dock plan

Dozens of Hoboken residents crowded a meeting held Wednesday about New York Waterway’s plans for the Union Dry Dock.
The ferry company wants to turn the dry dock into a maintenance yard for its ferries. But that plan has received pushback from many homeowners and Hoboken residents.
Those against the plan for the maintenance yard say that the environmental impact, especially when it comes to air quality, is a major concern.
“The air, water and noise pollution is concerning from a health and quality-of-life perspective,” said one Hoboken resident during the meeting.
The Union Dry Dock is next to Maxwell Park, a residential area that locals say they want to keep green.
The Army Corps of Engineers says that it is considering New York Waterway’s application, which calls for two barges and a fuel containment system. It is believed that about 40 ferries would be coming and going per day.
Residents say that the maintenance yard should be placed in Bayonne or Staten Island.
“My daughter should not have to grow up breathing diesel in her backyard when there’s more viable options that exist,” one parent said.
But a union representative for the ferry workers said that there is not better spot for the yard.
“It has all the requirements for a safe shipyard,” the rep said. “Deep water, parking for employees and nearby access for public transportation.”
A spokesperson for the Army Corps of Engineers says the agency will take all this testimony and then make a decision on whether to approve the permit. The Department of Environmental Protection approved it in June.