Hoboken announces 4th resiliency park to combat flooding issues in the city

Hoboken has announced a new park design to combat flooding in the city during heavy rainfall and storms. A resiliency park, the city’s fourth, will eventually be constructed in the west end as the city is prone to flooding during heavy rainfall and storms.
Mayor Ravinder Bhalla says the resiliency park will be transformed into a place that could potentially include tennis courts, pickleball courts, dog runs, lawn space, native gardens, a spray area and more.  
Resiliency parks already built in Hoboken have the ability to detain up to 3 million gallons of stormwater during heavy rain events. The parks, combined with flood pumps, have prevented approximately 88% of potential flooding events from 2016 to 2023, according to the city.
Once a final design is approved for the park, the city’s project team will conduct an engineering study to determine the park’s stormwater detention capacity.