High school football players help community dig out after snowstorm

Some Hoboken High School football players are participating in an effort to help people dig out their cars following this week’s blockbuster nor’easter.
A major snowstorm that lasted more than 48 hours dropped over 30 inches of snow on parts of New Jersey.
Many streets in Hoboken are now lined with cars stuck in the snow – several blocked in from when the snowplows cleared the streets.
News 12 caught up with Darrel Scoot, who was digging his car out Wednesday morning.
“Pain in the neck. I never want to shovel again,” he says. “I called a Hoboken group to shovel this out, but they are booked for the next two days. I would have paid $60-$80 to get this taken care of.”
That’s where some helpful groups come in.
Hoboken High School graduate Curtis Lane works for Your Safe Space – a disaster preparation company. Your Safe Space is part of the Heal Hoboken Collective, an alliance of local businesses helping others during the pandemic.
The alliance has teamed up with members of the Hoboken High School Red Wings football team to help dig out its neighbors.
“Now we go out and shovel cars. People from Hoboken can go through our app and schedule an appointment and everything,” Lane says.
The teens will clear out cars, driveways and front stoops. Organizers say that it helps get the players out of the house, teaches them about helping others and helps them earn a few extra dollars.
“It gives them something to do, puts money in their pocket, keeps them doing a good thing,” Lane says.
Senior citizens can sign up for free. More information is available on the group’s website.
For those outside of Hoboken – many volunteers are posting on local municipality Facebook groups offering services to help dig others out from the snow.