Local gym holds fundraiser for metastatic breast cancer research

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a locally owned gym in Hoboken is focused on raising awareness for metastatic breast cancer.
Prime Cycle holds a breast cancer awareness fundraiser every October.
“It is a small platform. It is a local platform. But whatever we can do collectively to try to help women…we really do try to do it,” says owner Julie Jarrett.
For every rider who wears pink to spin class in October, Prime Cycle will donate $1 to the “Pink Jar.” Members who can, are also asked to contribute.
“Women need love and support – not just financially, also our hearts,” says Jarrett.
Jarrett chose this year to support metastatic breast cancer research. She lost her good friend Laura to the incurable illness a few weeks ago.
“She was diagnosed a few years ago, went into remission. Unfortunately, it came back and it spread,” says Jarrett. “She passed a few weeks ago at only 55 years old.”
Metastatic means breast cancer has spread to other parts of the body. There is no cure. And almost 100% of those diagnosed with MBC will die from it. Despite this, less than 5% of all breast cancer research funds go toward a treatment or cure, making it more important for fundraising.
“We have to do something. We have to mobilize people to help raise money because there is no cure, and that is mind-boggling, with all that’s happening in science today,” says Jarrett.
She says that she has a goal of raising a couple of thousand dollars, which will be matched by the nonprofit, The Cancer Couch Foundation.