Hoboken begins long-term project to replace city’s water infrastructure

Hoboken city officials have begun a long-term project to replace the city’s aging water infrastructure.
Officials say that the goal is to eventually replace all 2.7 miles of the city’s water main system.
The first phase of the project includes installing new water mains and service lines in eight locations around Hoboken. Officials say that this will take about a year to complete.
Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla says that as the water mains are replaced, crews will also repave the streets, add green infrastructure to help with flooding issues and improve pedestrian safety.
Bhalla says that the city has identified the oldest and most vulnerable intersections to start with.
“Through a very deliberate and thoughtful process we’ve identified the intersections where our water mains are the oldest and most vulnerable to breaks…We have two phases to the plan. Phase one will cost about $5 million the city has invested with its own money through bonding."
Bhalla says that the first phase will continue through the spring of 2020. The second phase will start after that and will be paid for through a recently re-negotiated contract with Suez Water. It includes more than $2 million a year that will go toward the replacement project.
Crews will first have to test the road and the pipes to see what is underground before digging. The mayor says that residents will start to see the old water mains come out and the new ones go in within the next few weeks.