Hoboken bar faces possible shutdown over lewdness

A popular Hoboken bar is in danger of being shut down after videos surfaced that appeared to show lewd acts happening inside.
Hoboken officials say The Hub bar on Hudson Place held an event this past weekend that was too risqué.
“I’ve never seen anything remotely that resembles the inappropriate behaviors contained in those videos,” says Hoboken city attorney Brian Aloia. “I’m dumbfounded to think anyone would allow this, permit it, or promote it. It’s absolutely disgusting.”
Cellphone videos shot inside the club appear to show bar patrons naked and performing simulated sex acts.
“Individuals that are disrobed, so they are naked. And there are acts being performed on those individuals by audience members, or what appear to be audience members and it happened on the bar,” Aloia says.
Hoboken’s Alcohol Beverage Control Department will be holding a hearing next week to look into revoking the bar’s liquor license. The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office is also investigating if anything that happened inside the bar is illegal.
“The owners specifically brought in this promoter to have this type of atmosphere and that will not be tolerated in city of Hoboken,” Aloia says.
Investigators are asking members of the public to come forward with any videos they may have from inside the bar on the night of the event.
The owners of The Hub tell News 12 New Jersey that they still have their liquor license and will be open Thursday.
Several Hoboken bars were closed or temporarily suspended last spring over issues such as overserving alcohol or bar fights.