Hoboken approves new rules for trashcans to quell growing rat problem

Hoboken city officials have approved new rules for trashcans in the city that they hope will quell Hoboken’s growing rodent problem.
The new rules will go into effect on Thursday. But officials say that there will be a grace period to allow for residents to comply.
Buildings with 10 or fewer units will have to put garbage in trash cans with tight-fitting lids. Buildings that don’t have the space can file for an exemption.
Properties with more than 10 units will also have to throw trash in containers with tight-fitting lids. If these buildings don’t have the space, they will have to use trash bags with rodent repellent that is at least 1.1 mils thick. If the bags do not have rodent repellent, bags that are at least 3 mils thick must be used.
Trashcans cannot be larger than 32 gallons or smaller than 10 gallons. They also shouldn’t weigh more than 50 pounds.
But not all lawmakers in the city were on board with the plan. Some council members say the exemptions don’t go far enough and limit accessibility for the elderly or disabled.
The city has also secured $195,000 to purchase and distribute about 3,000 trashcans.
“Our intention is to distribute those garbage cans to residents who don’t have one or need one to comply with the ordinance,” says Hoboken Business Administrator Jason Freeman.
There will be a 30-day grace period while the new rule goes into effect. Residents will be getting an alert on Thursday.