History buffs commemorate Hamilton/Burr duel anniversary with water gun duel

On July 11, 1804, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr met in Weehawken for their fateful and tragic duel.
And now, on the 118th anniversary of the infamous event, a steady stream of history buffs and fans of the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" visited the site from across the nation.
Many of them were surprised - especially given the worldwide hype over the Broadway show - that the site only has a little more than a bust of Hamilton, a plaque and the red rock on which he is believed to have fallen after being shot. It's classic New Jersey, a state which often punts on its own history, failing to celebrate or preserve its rich history and letting the recognition, profits and just plain fun, flow elsewhere.
But on today's Brian's Positively New Jersey, there was a slightly more interactive element to experience: The chance to relive history by dueling one another with water guns, purchased by Brian at Target. Watch as visitors to the site use water pistols on a hot July to conduct their own "affair of honor."