Organization helps young girls get the ultimate prom experience

A local organization is giving young girls who are less fortunate the ultimate prom experience.
Systas 4 Systas in Hillside is helping ease the financial burden for New Jersey teens and their families. The group is running the Prom Princess Project at the Hillside Community Center to say yes to the dress and get the experience of a lifetime all for free.
Hawaiian Thompson-Epps and Ember Lofton have run the pop-up shop for over a decade and every year they say it gets bigger and better with more donations coming in from the surrounding community.
"We get it from our sorority sisters, community leaders, church organizations, high school teachers," Thompson-Epps told News 12. "A lot of the young ladies come back and donate they may donate their 8th grade gown and pick up a senior gown."
Every year it's a story," added Lofton. "One particular story, a whole family came in, to dress to dress the one daughter and they kept saying how I look like their family, and they couldn't afford it."
The shop is open Monday to Thursday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Girls from outside the Hillside area can come to the pop-up to come get dress, as everyone from across the state are welcomed.
June 10 is the final day to get a dress for this prom season. The group is also taking donations for all things prom and formal related.