Heroes save life of driver who suffered medical emergency

A driver is recovering from a medical emergency thanks to the quick-thinking actions of some heroes in Hoboken.
Joseph Dellaquila says that he got the scare of his life when his driver suffered a medical emergency Tuesday afternoon on Observer Highway.
“He just started steering into oncoming traffic,” Dellaquila says. “I saw that he was unresponsive and I grabbed hold of the steering wheel and veered it to the right not to hit the oncoming car.”
The incident was happening just as John Floriani was leaving work. He says that he quickly pulled over when he realized what was happening.
“I knew that it was getting worse, and I couldn't feel a pulse,” says Floriani, who is a former police officer.
Hoboken Police Officer Armondo Caraballo arrived next and he and Floriani began to perform CPR on the driver. 
"He wasn't responding to anything. He wasn't breathing at all so we just continued doing the chest compressions,” Caraballo says.
The men say that after a few frantic minutes, the driver opened his eyes and began to breath.
“Just as the oxygen mask was going down towards his face…I was thrilled,” Floriani says.
The driver was taken to the hospital and is said to be in stable condition.