Heavy rainstorm fuels concerns about another rockslide in North Bergen

A rockslide damaged several luxury cars and leaves people concerned over what could happen as a result of the overnight storm.

Joti Rekhi

Dec 17, 2023, 11:34 PM

Updated 178 days ago


Residents in North Bergen are worried that another heavy rainstorm could cause another rockslide like the one that damaged luxury vehicles last week.
Erik Rosen said he told management at The Duchess apartment complex about his concerns with the rock wall back in September.
“They were investigating and investigating,” said Rosen. “I asked them what’s happening, and they said they will start. Management didn’t have a date. I said it will be coming down. Then, one week later it came down.”
Dozens of cars with shattered windows and dents are now being repaired.
One resident who preferred not to speak on camera said her car is in a repair shop as she waits to hear back from her insurance company.
Erik Rosen said the damage blocked his car in the parking garage until this past Friday.
Rosen said that’s when a small demolition team broke down other potentially compromised parts of the giant rock wall.
He saw crews then used that rock to build a barrier to try and protect against any potential further damage from this storm.
“It looks better, but they have to do something permanent. This is for the short term,” said Rosen. “Something must be done to secure the wall for long term.”
According to a spokesperson, the township of North Bergen has asked the county to do an independent review of the cliffs, so they can identify potential risks and implement measures to keep people safe.
Although the North Bergen Planning Board requires all development projects that impact the cliff to install protective netting and fencing, it wasn’t required for The Dutchess because the developers didn’t touch the cliff in any way.
The township may introduce an ordinance to require protective netting for all projects below the cliff in the future.
John F. Kennedy Boulevard remained closed as of Saturday night and the township is asking the county to conduct an independent engineering and geological review.
The road closure has resulted in some confusion and traffic due to detours. Including, trucks and buses traveling in residential areas.

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