Heavy rains brings significant coastal flooding to Jersey Shore

Many Jersey Shore community residents woke up Wednesday morning surprised at the amount of water surrounding their homes and cars.
Although the worst of the storm is over, coastal flooding continued along the Barnegat Bay Wednesday as the morning high tide came in higher than modeled. This meant a lot more water in low-lying neighborhoods and significant flood damage.
George Peterson, who lives on the border of Mantoloking and Bay Head, told News 12 New Jersey this is the third-worst storm behind Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Superstorm Sandy.
“It’s pretty bad. This is the worst I've seen in 22 years outside of Sandy. Obviously with Sandy, the town was devastated, but this is very significant flooding,” Peterson said.
Alexandria Muller lives in Shore Acres and was out early Wednesday morning checking in on her neighbors.
“I am concerned, making sure everybody's OK, of course. You know the structural damage just getting in and out, school buses had a hard time getting down the road today," Muller said. "The kids still have school. They didn't cancel or delay back here. Just concerned for everybody's safety."