Heating bills are surging this winter. Here’s why.

Wednesday's warmer weather may have helped some residents cut back on their heating bills as gas prices continue to soar across New Jersey.
Many people on the Asbury Park boardwalk took advantage of the warm February weather.  
People heading to the beaches and boardwalks saw gas prices like $3.65 a gallon at an Exxon in Wall, the highest in eight years. 
Heating bills are also surging this winter. The bill reflects a 5% increase in the supply charge requested by all of the New Jersey gas utilities in December. 
A PSE&G spokesperson says January's average temperature was also the coldest in many months, leading to increased usage.
The benefit of turning your heat off for a day or two during warm weather would be seen over the course of several weeks.
“The heating bill, absolutely it'll be nice to have an easier February bill,” says Patricia Lynch, of Interlaken. “In the January bill, it was rough. Where I work, I got those bills at work I was like, 'Oh my goodness.' I went home, my husband wrote all kinds of notes like, 'Why is it so high?' that was my father's house I got his and his one up he lives by himself it went up $150.”
Since May, the price of natural gas is up 40%.
The PSE&G spokesperson says that the company offers a free service to help homeowners identify ways to save on their energy bills. More information can be found here.