HEAT ALERT: Ways to make sure your AC units stay working during heat waves

New Jersey residents have had to rely on their air conditioning more than ever this summer after multiple heat waves.
Air conditioning units can often stop working or break down completely. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning experts say there are some ways avoid having the units break down.
Dave Ashenfelter, owner of DASH Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning says that it is important to get the unit inspected in the pre-season before it gets too hot outside.
“Not only for your comfort, but your health. Even your possessions inside your house,” he says
Experts say that the average life span for an air conditioning unit is around 15-20 years. They say a homeowner should be proactive around the 12-year mark.
“Getting a service contract is an investment in the life of the unit. As the cost of everything goes up, it's important to keep your system up and running in top efficiency,” says DASH HVAC technician John Lawler.
The experts say that filers should be changed regularly, and the outdoor coils should be rinsed clean.
Homeowners are also urged to look out for any HVAC technicians who are doing work out in the heat.
“Technicians are out in the heat all day long, so take breaks during the day. Stay hydrated. Also the homeowner, we always check in with the homeowner and check out our technicians make sure they're alright,” says Ashenfelter.