Health insurance broker gives tips on enrolling before the deadline

Saturday is the last day to enroll in health care for next year, and experts say it is better to sign up sooner rather than later.
Health insurance brokers are working around the clock to individualize and break down health care plans for their clients.
"Once we understand their specific insurance needs, then we will be able to provide them with the right plan that will suit their specific needs," says Mark Herschlag, CEO of Cosmo Insurance.
Herschlag says make sure you're not eligible for a subsidy through the marketplace before you go to a broker.
He also recommends going through the plans to make sure it checks all necessary boxes.
"Does it cover my blood work, does it cover imaging, prenatal care, postnatal care?" Herschlag says. "People wouldn't even realize that if they have a high deductible plan that prenatal care will be covered and postnatal care would be covered."
Herschlag says to enroll as soon as possible because you can't sign up once it closes.
"It's hard because you hear the person crying on the other side saying, 'I need to see a doctor, I need to go to the hospital,' and they've missed open enrollment and that's really what kills us most here when we get those calls," he says.