Heading to an MVC office soon? Here is everything you need to know

Motor Vehicle Commission offices around New Jersey will be open six days a week, beginning Monday.
Agencies were initially going to be closed Mondays due to furloughs, which have since been reversed. People who can do their transactions online will be asked to leave.
License, registration, and inspection expiration dates have also been extended again. Any of the documents that expired between March and May are now extended to Sept. 30. The documents that expired in June through August are extended to the end of the year.
Agencies will now use a priority system and give out numbered tickets, corresponding with how many people they can handle in a single day. At licensing centers, new drivers who passed their road tests will be seen first, followed by people who already have a license and can drive under the new expiration date extensions.
Drivers are also no longer allowed to camp out in front of agencies to get a good spot on line the next day. Lines can now officially begin on MVC property at 7 a.m.