Police release photo of apparent noose in hate crime probe into Halloween decoration

Authorities released a photo of an apparent noose used to hang a Halloween decoration in North Amityville as police investigate the incident as a possible hate crime.
A scarecrow was found hanging in a noose at the North Amityville Senior Center, according to police. Police say the scarecrow was taken from the front of the center and placed in a noose at the back of the property last week. It was hung from a pergola.
Sharon Bailey says she enjoys coming to the center, but the incident has left her feeling disgusted.
“It’s upsetting, it really is,” Bailey says.
Town of Baby Human Services Commissioner Madeline Quintyne-McConney says the elderly people were affected by it.
“They know what happened back in their time, their day and to see that now, it really unnerved them,” Quintyne-McConney says.
Town of Babylon Councilman DuWayne Gregory says the incident is not to be taken lightly and it raises a red flag.
“It really saddens us,” says Gregory. “But also is upsetting that some symbol of hate and violence like that would be found in a predominantly African American community.”
A reward leading to the arrest of the vandals behind this is being offered.
Suffolk County police are asking anyone with information to call 1-800-220-TIPS.