Has the market for buying a house improved in New Jersey? Patience is key.

Has the market for buying a house improved at all in New Jersey? One realtor in Monmouth County, as well as one of her clients, say if you're in the market, you still need to be patient. 
"Finally found a house after about 40 looks,” says Gerry Zappulla, of Brielle.
Zappulla and his realtor looked at over 40 houses since October. He finally found one in Brielle, but it wasn't easy. We asked the most difficult part of it all.
“The prices, the inflated prices that was the toughest thing, value to the money that you spent to what you're getting,” says Zappulla.
"$50,000 over, $25,000 over,” says Christine Romeodisantillo, realtor with RE/MAX Central. “Needs a new roof, if there's mold in the basement and all these issues that you have to take on as a buyer."
Romeodisantillo says there's still a lack of available houses, especially in Monmouth County.
“It's going over asking or waving appraisals or waving inspections and it's gone within three days,” says Romeodisantillo
So if you're in the market to buy, 2022 is not much better than 2021.