10 ways to upgrade your home without breaking the bank

Are you growing tired of staring at the same decor in your home? Or have you noticed areas that need an upgrade?
These inexpensive upgrades and changes can help:

1. Freshen up your bedroom

One great way to freshen up your bedroom is to replace your sheets with fresh linens. Opt for white to give your bedroom a clean and crisp look! If you prefer to focus more on decor, search for some throw pillow covers, which tend to be less expensive than an actual throw pillow and can be swapped out regularly to add a new flair to your room. Change the curtains. Here are some other ideas to create the bedroom or your dreams.

2. Freshen up your closet

Reorganize your clothing by color, to give new life to your closet. This can also save you time and headaches searching for a certain piece of clothing as you get ready every day.

3. Update your hardware

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your home feel fresh again is to update the hardware in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. You can find hundreds of inexpensive, unique, and modern cabinet handles, faucets, and doorknobs online. You can figure out how to replace older hardware with online video tutorials. Here are some ideas for your kitchen.

4. Reorganize your cabinets

Try reorganizing your cabinets, drawers and countertops. One way to maximize space in your kitchen cabinets is to opt for square over round containers. Go one step further and pick out containers that nest in each other for even better storage. Fruit baskets are amazing for keeping your fruit in a stylish, easy-to-reach spot in your kitchen. Fruit baskets can also be useful for storage in other rooms in your home! Hang one in your shower to hold bottles, soap, and more, or grab a standing one and add it to your dresser to store various knick-knacks.

5. Add some art

Are your walls looking a little bare? Some pieces of art can fix that! If you’re looking for some art that can help keep some areas organized, check out these Escape to Home projects:

6. Create an accent wall

An accent wall can change the vibe in your home! Check out this Escape to Home segment to learn how you can do it for about $100.

7. Create a gallery wall for children's art

Every parent wants to keep their children’s artwork, but it often tends to pile up in corners or inside drawers. Instead, make a small ‘gallery wall’ by putting up pieces of string or twine and using clothespins to hang their beautiful creations. You can even swap art out by season or month to keep it fresh, decorative, and timely!

8. Replace or clean your outlet covers

Cleaning or replacing your outlet covers is a popular way to make your home look a bit more updated and attractive! If your outlet covers are dinged up and beyond repair, replacing them is probably the best option and can be done with minimal costs and time. A quick YouTube search will give you plenty of instructional videos on how to do it.

9. Upgrade Your Greenery

Green thumbs and plant lovers, this tip is for you! Adding some new greenery is a wonderful way to add pops of color to both the inside and outside of your home. In this Escape to Home segment, learn how to decorate a planter. And here, learn what plants do best in sun or shade.

10. Fix up those drywall holes

If you’re tired of looking at a pesky drywall hole - here are some tips on how to fix that!